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【新聞稿】清華大學已完成歐洲「研究倫理評量教育與資源(Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation,簡稱TRREE)」中文版網頁(, 歡迎各界踴躍使用。

【新聞稿】清華大學已完成歐洲「研究倫理評量教育與資源(Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation,簡稱TRREE)」中文版網頁(, 歡迎各界踴躍使用。

研究倫理評量教育與資源線上學習課程Training and Resources in Research Ethics EvaluationTRREE)中文版網頁正式發布上線

清華大學自20138月正式取得歐洲研究倫理評量教育與資源(Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation,簡稱TRREE的授權,由生物倫理與法律研究中心負責建置中文版網頁(

TRREE世界醫學學會(World Medical Association, WMA)認可之線上研究倫理學習課程不但為國際廣泛認可的學習平台,亦是清華大學人類行為與社會科學研究倫理審查委員會所正式認可之線上課程。其規劃目的在於提供人體研究倫理相關教育訓練,使得生物醫學研究能符合最高倫理標準且同時達到研究參與者之權益保護。本線上教育訓練課程係以國際倫理原則與法規為基礎,其中納入發展中國家(特別是非洲國家)的在地個案與觀點,有助於落實研究對象權益保障與倫理原則之遵循。透過課程持續學習,更可促進參與課程者對於各國倫理規範與個案的了解,增進其能力建構(capacity-building)。






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News TRREE online training programme Chinese version is officially launched  

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) gained the formal authorization for Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation (TRREE) in August 2013. The Bioethics and Law Center of the NTHU is in charge of constructing the webpage for the Chinese version of TRREE (

TRREE is an online training programme recognized by the World Medical Association (WMA). It is also a learning platform recognized by NTHU and many countries. It aims to provide training programme on research ethics involving humans so that research meets highest standards of ethics and promotes the benefits of participants. The e-learning programme is based on internationally recognized ethical principles and regulations. It includes the cases and perspectives from developing countries (African countries in particular) to help ensure the rights and ethical standards of the research participants are protected. Continual learning of this programme promotes the learners’ understanding of the ethical regulations and cases of different countries while increasing the capacity-building.

At the moment, TRREE is provided free-of-charge to registered members, who have the rights to use e-Learning programme and e-Resources. The first, e-Learning, is a distance learning programme and certification on research ethics evaluation. The second, e-Resources, is a participatory website with international, regional, and national regulatory and policy resources. TRREE is currently available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

It is with great pleasure that we announce you today the launch of the TRREE Chinese version webpage. Interested people are welcome to participate in the TRREE online learning programme.


TRREE (English):

TRREE (Chinese): 

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